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Seasonal update info

We are excited to announce that we have another very full 2021 spring and summer planting season ahead of us! Our planting will be starting as soon as the snow melts and we will be working through until the end of July. We are excited to see you all again early May and hopefully some new faces.


Total physio – Total Physiotherapy, in consultation with silviculture industry employers and workers, has developed a fit to plant program. Windfirm brings in Total Physiotherapy to do a training and information session near the start of the season on different strategies and techniques to help minimize injury and maximize planting potential. This video is a recommended minimum level of fitness coming into the season with exercises and workouts you can do to get you there.

Delia Roberts – Selkirk College has done a lot of research in the silviculture field. Their Fit to Plant page presents all their research from optimum diets and training exercises to best practices and techniques.

Alastair Hodges – Alastair’s research in tree planting looks at energy expended in the field and how it relates to levels of production. His research has been published in the Silviculture Magazine and in the Journal of Occupational Medicine and Toxicology.

Plant fu – Plant fu was written by a former crew leader with Windfirm. He has experience planting on multiple continents, many years on the coast, and shares his valuable experience for first timers getting into the field. We recommend that you give Plant fu a read if this is your first-time tree planting. Even if you have lots of experience planting Plant fu can be a valuable resource to hone your skill as a planter.


               Here at Windfirm we are dedicated to providing meaningful employment. We recognize that the nature of the business is seasonal, and that most planters are just out here to do their job and go home with their hard-earned money. However, we also want to recognize and reward those who show initiative and would like the opportunity to take on more responsibility. The following is a generalized outline of what we look for when we have an opening for crew leader to fill.

               First, competence is the field is a big factor; knowing how to do the job the right way is critical knowledge for any crew leader. We also look for people with initiative and a hard work ethic. On top of doing their job with skill and integrity, we look for people who give their crew leader a hand without asking, or help with extra duties on camp setups and tear downs. A crew leader does a lot of work behind the scenes after hours to make the planting day run smooth, and making oneself available to help is the quickest way to get noticed. It shows you can organize yourself enough to not only do your job, but have the capability and the drive to take on more responsibility.

               The next step is driving. Driving is a very important task through the season. Our drivers are provided with training to help them with the important responsibility of getting the crew to and from work safely. A crew leader looks for someone they can count on to do this job and recommend for driver training. This position requires someone who is reliable and shows they can handle the responsibility.

               Typically, crew leaders are picked from our pool of drivers. Crew leaders stand out as natural leaders, and exhibit all the above qualities to a higher degree. Ideally, we look for individuals who have shown a high degree of competence in the field, take lots of initiative, take direction well, take responsibility seriously, and have the respect of their peers.

Required Equipment for Planters:

  • Planting Bags Silvacool Liners (3)
  • Shovel (minimum 8” blade)
  • 3.99 m Plot Cord (must have to work)
  • Personal Camp Cup (not supplied)
  • Sturdy hiking or Caulk Boots
  • Fox 40 whistle
  • Tree planter gloves
  • Rain Gear
  • Water Jug (4 litre minimum)
  • Day Pack for lunches
  • Tent (with groundsheet and full fly)
  • Sleeping Bag (rated to -5 Celsius)
Other Suggested Equipment for Planters:

  • Bear Mace
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Extra Blanket
  • Tupperware for your lunch
  • Large zip-lock bags for your toilet paper
  • Rope
  • Pocket knife
  • Flashlight
  • Thermarest
*Mark all equipment with your name to avoid ownership confusion.

For more equipment suggestions or a list of suppliers contact your crew leader.

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Make sure you have:

  • a blank cheque or complete banking information, including your transit, bank and account number....you will not be paid if we don't have your information
  • Social Insurance Number
  • permanent address or winter contact information for ROE mailing

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