There’s more to this than planting trees

Windfirm does more than just plant trees, our services include working with local clients and community members on all sorts of projects. We are always open to hear what projects you would like to partner with us on.

Additional Services

While our primary focus is reforestation, we are committed to all areas of forest management which include:

  • Waste residue hazard abatement (slash pile burning and broadcast burning)
  • Remote bridge construction for ATV/UTV/Hagglund access
  • Reclamation services (BC coast and Alberta’s oil & gas industry)
  • Pine beetle survey, control, and quality assurance
  • Native plant seed collection
  • Brushing
  • Transportation and reefer storage of seedlings through our sister company Silvertip Transport Ltd
  • Remote camp/catering services

You Think You’re Fit?

Tree planting is often said to be the most demanding job on the planet, both physically and mentally.  The hours are long and put your body and mind to the test every day. No matter what your experience, it will likely be one of the most challenging jobs you will ever do.  But for those who rise to the challenge, nothing is more fulfilling than knowing you accomplished what you set your mind to do.  It’s what keeps people coming back again and again.


What our employees are saying about us

On a personal note, I love being outside, connecting with nature, pushing my physical and mental limits, and spending my free day with my dogs..

– Anne Julie Pelletier